Saturday, November 1, 2008

Houdini in the Lodge

Does it feel like all my blogs lately are about either napping or moving? It feels that way to me!

Wesley has done a lot better these last few days on his napping. We've been working really hard, Tommy and I, as a team. And we're starting to see the results. Yes, there has been resistance and even a few tears on Wesley's part - but, over all, he now he seems like a happier baby, and he is starting to sleep longer, which can only be a good thing, for everyone involved! We're not there yet, not by a long shot, but we are getting closer. And that feels good, and fuels us to keep going.

Moving, moving, moving. Are you all sick of it yet? There is still a lot of time left, which means a lot more I can write about our plans and preparations. Our good friends The Knippels are leaving within a week of us - however, they've been in the Military a lot longer than us, and are a lot more experienced in the PCS process. It nice to be able to talk to them about how we're working through the process and have them give us advice and tell us where they are at, and what they are doing.

We are going to, hopefully get packed out by TMO (Travel and Movement Office for you non-military folk) on Monday the 8th of December. Which means we would spend three nights in lodging before we fly out. We are authorized 6 nights, but both agree we don't want to spend 6 nights in what is essentially a barracks room. Ugh.

Wesley lost a shoe yesterday. And, we don't know how! We was laying down in the pram (stroller) and somehow, our own little Houdini, in 3 seconds flat, slipped it off his foot and lost it. It was our favourite pair of shoes, and he only wore them once before. I guess that's life, right?

I'm knee deep in Christmas shopping for my family in Australia. I need to get it off even earlier than my usual early, seeing as everything is happening in early December for us. Mum, as usual, is going to be receiving all gifts and distributing them for us. We don't plan on doing the big (*ahem* expensive) gift-giving hoopla of years gone by, as we'll be funneling a lot of our money into the move, and making sure it goes smoothly.

Well, I'll be going now - Tommy and I are going to try and watch a movie while Wes naps. (He's been asleep for 40 minutes now, while I've been writing this blog!) Enjoy what's left of your weekend, everyone!