Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Move Over and Around

Tommy and I went and submitted all our paperwork to the PSD (Personal Services Department - actually, I'm not sure that that is exactly what PSD stands for, but in my head it does. Meh, moving along.) to make sure we get all our allowances and our plane tickets yesterday. We asked for, and should be leaving on December 11th. There didn't appear to be any reason why they would delay us, so cross your fingers.

We also asked a few questions regarding WHEN we would be receiving our allowances, and losing our COLA (Cost of Living Abroad - a big allowance the military gives us for living, well, abroad. I'll be sad to lose that one!) Now we have all the info, we feel good and we feel prepared.

Tommy got a hold of his new Command, on the phone, the other night. (He couldn't sleep, poor guy. Not a problem I ever have! So, I can't really relate...) He found out our sponsor's name, and shot him through an email yesterday. We can also be expecting a "Welcome Aboard" package, with lots of helpful information, in the mail. He did forget to ask what job he'd be doing once we got to Virginia, though. (Whether he'd be in Sick Call (Basically military members walk in with their ailments...) Immunisations, Admin, Records, etc...) He did ask his sponsor in the email, so now it's a wait game. Hopefully he can come up with the goods.

Stood on the scales yesterday - I have lost even more weight. My new, size smaller clothes are now starting to sag and bag. I'm loving the weight loss (I am eating healthily (Mmm, salads!) going on daily walks, with Wesley and breast feeding for those who are curious as to how it's falling off...) but am hating my clothes getting too big and needing to buy new ones. I think I'll wait until my weight stabilises a little before I go on a shopping spree. (Though, as I've said before - I will need to buy some winter woolies once we get to the States!)

Tommy had his PRT (Physical Readiness Test) today. He passed as expected, and now he is "free" for another 6 months. (Though, never really free. He is in the Navy, after all.) He also gave me some good news, Navy-related, yesterday. But, I think I'll let him tell you all. Just know it's really wonderful and I'm super-duper proud of him!

I am wondering how my Close To My Heart business will go once we move, too. It's fairly quiet, but steady here in Okinawa. I maintain enough sales to earn myself some free product, and stay over the "minimum sales requirements" set by CTMH to keep my discount from disappearing. I will admit that since Wesley came along I don't have the time, nor the inclination to be running monthly workshops, or pushing my business the way I once was. Maybe I'll just sell to myself once we move? Who knows.

I would like to get a job once we move, too. I am a little over not working. Tommy and I have been talking about it a lot. We agree that we don't want me to work full time. I want to stay home with Wesley, and Tommy wants me to, too. Plus, I have no desire to work just to pay for child care, which with minimum wages in the US, I probably wouldn't be left with much after paying child care. And another factor is losing time with Tommy, and time as a family. So we're thinking just 1-2 nights a week, maybe waitressing, or working in a department store? Just something to restore my sanity and get me out of the house and conversing with adults. I guess it's something else we'll see when the time comes.

Okay, enough for today, though if I think of anything else, I'll come back and add it in. I'm going to go and do a little housework while my little monster naps (at the same time, in his crib, for the second day in a row. Can I get a "Go Erin!" here please? I won't deny I'm proud of myself. Next task, increase it to TWO naps, at the same time, in his crib, everyday. LOL.)

Few Photos from our walk yesterday:


Victoria said...

A very part-time job sounds like fun. I would never want to leave Ev either, but I do miss optometry. It would be fun to work for a few hours a couple times a week while Dan or my mom had Evan. Unfortunately I'm not likely to find a CPO position that flexible so I think it will have to wait until after he is in school. But that's fine with me, I would much rather be home with my little cutie!