Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Time and Rushing.

Tomorrow marks the date three weeks out from our move. Scary, exciting, daunting, so many emotions.

I won't deny it, I'm over whelmed.

I feel like there is so much to be done, yet I really can't do any of it. I am incredibly nervous about being in Virginia.

We have bought a car, as you all know, but plan on it being our only car. We've survived two and a half years with one car - to our financial benefit. It saved us a LOT of money. So we're going to try our hand at only one car in the States, too.
However, Tommy will be working longer hours, further from home. I'm starting to get anxious about feeling "trapped" at home, with a baby. I would, and do, in the warmer weather, just plop Wes in the stroller/pram and walk where ever I need to go. The post office, grocery store, etc. But I feel that perhaps that isn't the best idea when there is snow on the ground...

I'm also scared about not having Tommy around as much to lean on with Wes. Wesley is overall a good baby - he's doing great with the napping. He sleeps through the night. He eats well. However, I'm a natural worrier and easily over whelmed. It's easy to get through the day alone when you know you're husband is a 15 minute walk away, a 4 minute drive, or will be gone for a maximum of 3-4 hours before he's home for lunch/the day.

Anyway - enough of that. Enough of the negativity.

We took Wesley to the Dr. again yesterday. We were noticing he was getting worse with his congestion, rather than better - and finally he stopped sleeping through the night, and was unable to nap because whenever he lay on his back, he had trouble breathing. It left Tommy and I both exhausted, because it meant we were not only getting less sleep, but had to hold Wes upright to help his air ways. (Though we did cheat a few times by putting him down in the bouncer - we all needed a break!)
They gave us some pedialite to help with the dehydration caused by the extra spitting up, due to the "drainage" down into his tummy. Poor little mite is swallowing all that muck and it's upsetting his tummy! And then some more tylenol, to try and make him more comfortable. It's hard to see him so sick, yet not being able to do much about it, because he is so little :o(

We invested in a vaporizer - and it helps! Last night he slept through the night last night - 11 hours. Not quite the 12-13 he was doing before he got sick, but who is complaining? I am just hoping the long sleep is healing his body. Plus he's been napping now for 2 and a half hours. I am sure when he wakes up, he'll feel much better! I know I already feel better, as I snuck a nap in too :o)

I've ordered our Christmas cards - they should arrive in a week, and I'll mail them out as soon as I can. If you have recently changed addresses (*ahem* Vicki, Lan, etc...) please email me your new one at teturtle@gmail.com so I can get one to you :o)

And lastly - some good news! At 1pm tomorrow, Tommy will be reenlisting for 5 years in the US Navy :o) The paperwork which had some hiccups, went through. It came down to the wire - we only just found out for sure today - but this is a great thing. Tommy is very excited and I'll post photos as soon as I get home tomorrow. (Wesley allowing, of course!)


FL MOM said...

As long as you are in the military, you will have these feelings when moving. It does get a little easier as the years go by, but it's always there. IT'S A CONTROL THING!

GO TOMMY!!! Wow what a man...5 more years. And he couldn't have done it with the support from his understanding wife!

I am so proud of you all!