Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lots of Photos!

As I said in my last post, Tommy and I have been treating this extra time as a gift! So, we've been getting out of the house as much as possible and spending time together as a family and having lots of fun!

Here are is a LOT of photos!

First Stop: Gymboree Class (Loud and Quiet Noises!)

Banging on the drum with Mama - then climbing on the drum!

Next Stop: Fall Festival at Hunt Club Farm

Feeding the Sheep

Chasing one of the Turkeys!

Wesley First Ferris Wheel Ride! He loved it!

His first Pony Ride. He's a cool cowboy!

Next Stop: "Open Gym" at Gymboree

Last Stop: Another Trip to Hunt Club Farm for More Fall Festival Fun! :-)
(Fewer Photos, because you've seen the Fall Festival already, LOL!)

Picking out Pumpkins!

Petting the Goats

Looking at the Llama with Daddy and his little friend, Carter!

On the Hay Ride :-)

Sitting the MASSIVE pile of hay!

Our happy little family!

And lastly - eyeing off an EVIL chicken.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Another Update on Upcoming Events

So... Cancel those Deployment Orders - and be on STAND BY!

Meaning, his orders with an "exact" (as exact as anything in the military is) date were canceled. And he was placed on Stand-by. They've told him he will still be going, but they don't know when, yet.

It feels frustrating and mean. I almost feel like I'd rather Tommy leave on the "set" date because I had psyched myself up for it, I had been preparing myself for it - and now I am (WE are) left feeling flat and frustrated.

Stand-by is also MEAN, because it means that we don't know WHEN he will go, OR how much notice he'll get. It could only be 24 hours. Bummer. Nothing like sitting around waiting for "doom day"

I know this sounds like an awful lot of complaining - and in some ways it is. But, I am lucky enough to realise things could be a whole lot worse. And that this is the way life is when you are in the military, or a member of your family is. It's a part of the lifestyle - and while we might get frustrated at times - this is the lifestyle we have chosen!

So we have been trying to use this extra time as a family as a gift. Spending lots of quality time and getting out of the house, seeing and doing as much as we can together! It also is a gift, because it means Tommy will be here for my birthday next week - something he wasn't suppose to be, before!

In other news - Macy's. My much wanted job. The perfect job. It's no more. And I'm so super sad about it!
When they hired me, we didn't know about the deployment. And, they told me it was nights with the occasional weekend. Then we got the orders for Tommy's deployment, so I spend a few weeks scrambling, dialing and trading in all my favours to find a regular babysitter, and TWO back ups, just in case something goes wrong - because I WANT this job, and Tommy will be returning eventually!

Well, on my first night of training, I get my schedule for the following three weeks and it's almost ALL weekend work, with the OCCASIONAL night! We're talking 8-10 hours each weekend day! And I cannot find anyone to watch Wesley for that many hours over the weekend, and to be honest with his Daddy gone, I'd hate to up and leave him for two whole days when he is so used to havin' Mama home all the time, and Daddy home every night. Tommy and I agreed that even if I could've found a sitter (which I couldn't!) it would be too much upheaval for Wesley and if we didn't have to do it, we wouldn't. So we aren't.

(But, now we're on stand-by so PHOOEY!)

Anyway - that's about it from Virginia Beach for tonight. I think an early night is called for and I'll post some photos tomorrow from our recent adventures! G'night!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Massive Photo Dump!

We've been having lots of adventures, lately! And I've been taking lots of photos of all of them! So, here is a big dump of all those adventure filled photos! :-)

First Stop: The Playground

Next Stop: The Aquarium

Next Stop: Tumbling/Gymnastics Class

Last Stop: Gymboree Class #2