Saturday, November 8, 2008

Wesley's Day

Hi, it's me, Wesley. I just wanted to write a blog in here, too, seeing as Daddy and Mummy get to all the time. I know mostly Grandma Sherry and Grandma Sylvia read this - so here is a shout out to you. I love you, Grandmas, and I miss you very much. I'm a lucky boy to have such awesome grandmas!

Mummy and Daddy took me out for lunch today. We went to one of their favourite restaurants at the Sea Wall at Sunabe. I was quite a good boy, so they took me to the BX at Kadena, afterward, and I got to see Miss Sara, Mr Pat and my friend Riley. Miss Sara bought along some Link-a-doos that she picked up for Mummy, and I LOVE them.

They are just the right size for my hands, and light enough that I can wave them around in the air. I can also fit them in my mouth - they are great for chewing on. I'm learning how to do that, right now. It's lots of fun, and feels good on my gums, though Mummy and Daddy always seem to be wiping my chin since I starting figuring it out. I'm not sure why.

We came home and Mummy and Daddy made me take a little nap, and then we went out to dinner, as well! I slept through dinner - my nap wasn't long enough this afternoon and I was still sleepy! We went to a garlic house called Arin Krin, and we saw my friend Bradley, and Miss Sophia and Mr Rob.

After dinner we came home, and Daddy dressed me in my pjs. I got to play in my bouncer for a little while, with my new link-a-doos. But Mummy has said it's nearly bed time! Uh-oh! I better say goodnight!

I hope you all liked my blog and here are some photos of me for you to see.

Love, Wesley James.


FL Mom said...

What a Big Boy! He just keeps getting more adorable, and of course I'm not biased. And the thumb pic...I know he gets that from his Mum.