Friday, November 21, 2008


So this is completely off subject to the normal posts but I need somewhere to vent at the moment. As many of you know, I'm an HM2 (E-5) in the Navy. There was a big inspection today and one of my guys had a couple hits on his uniform so he had to be reinspected. When I was an E-3 I remembered that if there was anyone I was talking to that was a higher rank, every first or last word out of my mouth was their rank. Yes HM1, no HM2, etc. I also knew that I never ended the conversation or got the last word when talking with them. I was either dismissed or they walked away.

My guy (an E-3 that we shall call Joe) had the audacity to tell them HM2 that was telling him that he was going to be reinspected, "Well, I'm going to have my HM2 come since he's my LPO." The HM2 just stared at him, as I think I would have as well if he had said it to me, and then Joe walked away. Halfway down the hallway the HM2 said, "So you're just going to walk away when I'm talking to you." Joe turned around and walked back and said, "My bad, I thought we were done."

OMG! ARE YOU SERIOUS! Have these kids lost their minds today? Are they teaching them something different in boot camp then what I was taught?

I'm sure anyone who is prior or current military thought that last bit cause I know that's what went through my mind. So I end up going to the barracks and talking with Joe. I explain to him that what he did was disrespectful. (He thought he had done nothing wrong and that HM2 had it out for him) He proceeded to explain to me that he didn't have respect for him and whatnot. I then had the long, "You don't have to respect the person, but you do have to respect the rank" talk. He didn't like hearing that, but then again he's a 19 yr old kid straight outta high school. Snot nose punk, lol. Anywho, I explained to him what tack was, that he needed to realize that not all HM2's are like me and that if he talks to anyone of higher rank, no matter if you like the guy or not, you need to start or finish with their rank and show them proper respect. And also that if he thinks that something is fishy or he is being singled out to let his higher ups (me in this case) handle it and not get in a pissing contest with the guy. Anyways, I had him apologize to the HM2 and all was good.

I was up there for about an hour. I caught 3 guys smoking out on the fire well (stairs for you non military people :P ). This is a big no no. 1st you only use the fire exit for emergencies and they just had it propped open so they could get back in after they were done. 2nd you only smoke on the smoke pit. To make matters worse one of the guys is a Sgt (E-5 in the Marine Corps) so I can't really yell at the other two E-3's because the E-5 that is suppose to be setting the example is being the example! Then he asks me, "And who are you?" Like it should matter, right? You're doing something wrong, fix yourself. *sigh*

Next we have people wearing their hats while inside. Another big no no for the military. Not hats are to be worn inside. 4 people I had to get on to. 1 guy (who had obviously been drinking) says, "Oh, you wanna play the rank game?" Lucky for him his buddy pulled him into the room while yelling at him, "Shut the #$% up! That's an HM2! Same as a Sgt, E-5! Shut your mouth!"

Then on my way out of the barracks I stop by the duty watch desk to let them know that I found some guys on the 4th deck smoking out on the fire escape. Some guy who just happened to be standing there says, "And who are you?" I couldn't believe it! Again?!?! I told him I'm HM2 and he goes, "What's that?" They duty quickly answered "Same as a Sgt, shut up."

Again I ask, OMG! ARE YOU SERIOUS! I just don't know what is up with these kids. They complain about how they are treated like babies but then they do this kinda crap. You've join a job that has rules. You CHOSE to take the job. You CHOSE to come here. That means you CHOSE to play by the rules. Which means when you CHOSE to not follow them the book gets thrown at you and you have no right to complain. ARGH!!

Ok, enough of my rant. Blah....


FL MOM said...

Wow, some things never change! It's funny too that this also happens in the civilian life but it's just not as big a deal because we know there's an even bigger lack of discipline.