Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tick Tock

Time is rushing past faster than you can say "Tick Tock!"

Less than two weeks until we're out of our house and into Lodging. Scary, seeing as there are still cupboards to be cleared out and sorted.

I did one cupboard today, while Tommy was out getting paperwork signed off. I feel proud that I managed to do it WHILE Wesley was awake. I still can't believe he played happily under his gym for the time it took to toss stuff away!

I also started to pack our bags today. Stuff that we won't need between now and then - but will need when we land. (Snow suit for Wesley, car seat bunting, nappies/diapers and wipes, a few Christmas presents that we have received, things like that.)

As you all know, we have been planning on baby/toddler proofing the house from the minute we move in. Because of this we have been looking for a more appropriate entertainment center. We own a very un-child-friendly (but very Daddy friendly, LOL!) 42" plasma tv. We like the wardrobe style that you can close the doors on, and shut everything, including the television away. (And then put a child proof-er on the knobs!) Like this:

However - the biggest we have found only accommodates a 32" television...
I suggested that perhaps we downsize and my husband looked at me as if I had kicked him the shins. (Or somewhere else?) He was so horrified by the prospect I didn't even finish my thought process. I guess we'll keep hunting.

Lastly, I just want to remind everyone - PLEASE do NOT send ANYTHING to our address in Okinawa. As you all know, the mail system here is TERRIBLE and there is no way we will receive anything you send now before our post box closes on December 6th. If you want to send us anything - please email me at teturtle@gmail.com for Sherry's address (Tommy's mom) where we will be for Christmas.