Saturday, November 15, 2008

Festive Season

We're nearly finished all our Christmas shopping for those that have to have their gifts mailed. It feels good to be nearly done!

Tommy and I plan on doing our shopping for each other, Wesley etc once we get to Florida, so we don't have to lug it in our suitcases. Plus we are both looking forward to shopping in a mall, again. Being able to browse more than the same ole' same ole' that the PX has!

Today we're having our Christmas photos taken for our Christmas cards. Monte is taking them for us again, which I'm so happy about. Monte takes great photos and he is a good friend so it's always fun.

I'll post the link up once they're ready and you can order any you like directly from the website. It's so handy, and the website does ship internationally for those of you in Australia :o)

That's it for today - I'll leave you with some new photos!


Anonymous said...

aww he is getting so big..