Friday, November 7, 2008

...I'm sick...

As Erin said, I'm sick. Blah. I can't remember the last time I was sick. Anyways, the weekend has started off on the right foot. Wes is sleeping and Erin and I are just taking it easy til he wakes. New photos of Wes will be in this post.

It ends with you going, "Awwww."

Anywho, things otherwise are going well. Erin and I are both ready to move on. Time to start fresh in Virginia!

Lets see...what else..oh yes! As pointed out before, I voted. I'm 1 for 1 in the voting thing. 1 vote, 1 elected official. I got it right, yeahhhhh!! Can't beat being right 100% on something, eh? I used to talk with someone who believed that Obama was a muslim terrorist and I soooooo badly want to go up to them and let them know that, "Oh by the way, my terrorist is now your president." Grrrr...ignorant's not even's stupidity! I have little patience for those kinds of people.

Umm...I really wanna get an iPod touch. They are soooooo cool!! Erin says I can get one. I showed her the preview clip and half way through it she shut the laptop and said, "Ok, now I want one" lol. Plus I figured that we are going to need something for the long drive down from Va to Fl so why not have music we like instead of chancing the radio?

Anyways, here are the pictures *cough* mom *cough* that you guys are really only reading to see. lol. Adios!