Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Two Steps Forward! [Major Photo Dump + Videos!]

So much has been happening these last few weeks!

We're preparing for Mum's arrival - she gets here on Saturday night! She's staying for the whole month of August and will be helping us celebrate Wesley's first birthday with us!

Speaking of Wesley's first birthday - as it draws closer, he has been making leaps and bounds in his development!

Let's start with this little video!

That's right - our little guy is walking! This was the day he took his first unassisted steps! He walked three times before we made this video - so he was still finding his "sea legs" so to speak!

He is still mostly crawling everywhere he wants to go - but if he is already standing, hell turn around and take 5-6 steps before dropping down to crawl.

His talking is also coming along. We were worried he wouldn't reach the 5 words they are suppose to be able to say by the time they are one (according to the "milestones") But he does say a lot of words after we sat down and hashed it out.
So far he says:

  • Hi
  • Hey
  • Hello
  • Yeah
  • Daddy
  • Dad
  • Dada
  • Buh-bye
  • Hank-hoo (Thank you)
  • Weh-wee (Wesley. Though, this is a work in progress. It's a tough one for him to say!)

And we've also heard him copying us saying "Fruit" "Baby" and "Boy" - but those were one-offs! I'm sure you'll also note that Mama/Mum/Mummy isn't on that list. That's because he doesn't say it yet.

Whenever we say "Wesley can you say Mama?" He'll look right back and you and say one of two things. The most popular choice is usually "Dada" - but occasionally he'll say "Mmmmmm-Baba" And I have heard him say the "Mum" sound in passing while he is babbling to himself. But not directly to me, like he does with Tommy and "Daddy"

Yesterday, while we were having our daily chat to Grandma (Mum) on the webcam, Wesley stood up without holding on to anything for the first time, ever, too! He's not done it since, but now we know he CAN do it. It's really exciting.

It truly feels like he is learning something new every single day. Sometimes multiple things a day. I almost can't keep up anymore.

He's such a funny, happy, cheeky boy.

Here's another little video of him playing with some of his toys.

Not much new is going on with Tommy and I. Well, not anything exciting, anyway!

I hurt my knee about a month ago now, and have an MRI scheduled for tomorrow. I've been sporting a gorgeous knee brace for the past two weeks, and hobbling along with a cane. It's been horribly swollen - but in the last few days, the swelling seems to be FINALLY going down. Thank goodness! It's still painful and pops and cracks a lot, though.

And that's about it!

I'll leave you with a massive photo dump. I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Gave Wesley fresh strawberries for the first time today - and, as expected, he loved them!

(He ALL fruits he's tried - but esp. berries - blueberries, raspberries, etc)

He is seriously a fruit junkie - But I love seeing him try new things and really enjoy them!<