Wednesday, November 26, 2008

So Many Happenings!

So much has happened this week already and its only Wednesday!
I guess I'll SHOW you :o) Photos will explain everything!

Yep! He rolled onto his side for the first time. That complete roll over isn't far away!

He had cereal for the first time. After the Dr. suggested it because of his size, we went ahead and gave it a go! He ate it much better than we expected!

And lastly - just a couple of smile snaps after waking up from a nap :o)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tick Tock

Time is rushing past faster than you can say "Tick Tock!"

Less than two weeks until we're out of our house and into Lodging. Scary, seeing as there are still cupboards to be cleared out and sorted.

I did one cupboard today, while Tommy was out getting paperwork signed off. I feel proud that I managed to do it WHILE Wesley was awake. I still can't believe he played happily under his gym for the time it took to toss stuff away!

I also started to pack our bags today. Stuff that we won't need between now and then - but will need when we land. (Snow suit for Wesley, car seat bunting, nappies/diapers and wipes, a few Christmas presents that we have received, things like that.)

As you all know, we have been planning on baby/toddler proofing the house from the minute we move in. Because of this we have been looking for a more appropriate entertainment center. We own a very un-child-friendly (but very Daddy friendly, LOL!) 42" plasma tv. We like the wardrobe style that you can close the doors on, and shut everything, including the television away. (And then put a child proof-er on the knobs!) Like this:

However - the biggest we have found only accommodates a 32" television...
I suggested that perhaps we downsize and my husband looked at me as if I had kicked him the shins. (Or somewhere else?) He was so horrified by the prospect I didn't even finish my thought process. I guess we'll keep hunting.

Lastly, I just want to remind everyone - PLEASE do NOT send ANYTHING to our address in Okinawa. As you all know, the mail system here is TERRIBLE and there is no way we will receive anything you send now before our post box closes on December 6th. If you want to send us anything - please email me at for Sherry's address (Tommy's mom) where we will be for Christmas.

Friday, November 21, 2008


So this is completely off subject to the normal posts but I need somewhere to vent at the moment. As many of you know, I'm an HM2 (E-5) in the Navy. There was a big inspection today and one of my guys had a couple hits on his uniform so he had to be reinspected. When I was an E-3 I remembered that if there was anyone I was talking to that was a higher rank, every first or last word out of my mouth was their rank. Yes HM1, no HM2, etc. I also knew that I never ended the conversation or got the last word when talking with them. I was either dismissed or they walked away.

My guy (an E-3 that we shall call Joe) had the audacity to tell them HM2 that was telling him that he was going to be reinspected, "Well, I'm going to have my HM2 come since he's my LPO." The HM2 just stared at him, as I think I would have as well if he had said it to me, and then Joe walked away. Halfway down the hallway the HM2 said, "So you're just going to walk away when I'm talking to you." Joe turned around and walked back and said, "My bad, I thought we were done."

OMG! ARE YOU SERIOUS! Have these kids lost their minds today? Are they teaching them something different in boot camp then what I was taught?

I'm sure anyone who is prior or current military thought that last bit cause I know that's what went through my mind. So I end up going to the barracks and talking with Joe. I explain to him that what he did was disrespectful. (He thought he had done nothing wrong and that HM2 had it out for him) He proceeded to explain to me that he didn't have respect for him and whatnot. I then had the long, "You don't have to respect the person, but you do have to respect the rank" talk. He didn't like hearing that, but then again he's a 19 yr old kid straight outta high school. Snot nose punk, lol. Anywho, I explained to him what tack was, that he needed to realize that not all HM2's are like me and that if he talks to anyone of higher rank, no matter if you like the guy or not, you need to start or finish with their rank and show them proper respect. And also that if he thinks that something is fishy or he is being singled out to let his higher ups (me in this case) handle it and not get in a pissing contest with the guy. Anyways, I had him apologize to the HM2 and all was good.

I was up there for about an hour. I caught 3 guys smoking out on the fire well (stairs for you non military people :P ). This is a big no no. 1st you only use the fire exit for emergencies and they just had it propped open so they could get back in after they were done. 2nd you only smoke on the smoke pit. To make matters worse one of the guys is a Sgt (E-5 in the Marine Corps) so I can't really yell at the other two E-3's because the E-5 that is suppose to be setting the example is being the example! Then he asks me, "And who are you?" Like it should matter, right? You're doing something wrong, fix yourself. *sigh*

Next we have people wearing their hats while inside. Another big no no for the military. Not hats are to be worn inside. 4 people I had to get on to. 1 guy (who had obviously been drinking) says, "Oh, you wanna play the rank game?" Lucky for him his buddy pulled him into the room while yelling at him, "Shut the #$% up! That's an HM2! Same as a Sgt, E-5! Shut your mouth!"

Then on my way out of the barracks I stop by the duty watch desk to let them know that I found some guys on the 4th deck smoking out on the fire escape. Some guy who just happened to be standing there says, "And who are you?" I couldn't believe it! Again?!?! I told him I'm HM2 and he goes, "What's that?" They duty quickly answered "Same as a Sgt, shut up."

Again I ask, OMG! ARE YOU SERIOUS! I just don't know what is up with these kids. They complain about how they are treated like babies but then they do this kinda crap. You've join a job that has rules. You CHOSE to take the job. You CHOSE to come here. That means you CHOSE to play by the rules. Which means when you CHOSE to not follow them the book gets thrown at you and you have no right to complain. ARGH!!

Ok, enough of my rant. Blah....

Thursday, November 20, 2008

For the next three years...

We will continue to be a Navy family :o)

Here are a few photos from today!

There was even a certificate for me!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Time and Rushing.

Tomorrow marks the date three weeks out from our move. Scary, exciting, daunting, so many emotions.

I won't deny it, I'm over whelmed.

I feel like there is so much to be done, yet I really can't do any of it. I am incredibly nervous about being in Virginia.

We have bought a car, as you all know, but plan on it being our only car. We've survived two and a half years with one car - to our financial benefit. It saved us a LOT of money. So we're going to try our hand at only one car in the States, too.
However, Tommy will be working longer hours, further from home. I'm starting to get anxious about feeling "trapped" at home, with a baby. I would, and do, in the warmer weather, just plop Wes in the stroller/pram and walk where ever I need to go. The post office, grocery store, etc. But I feel that perhaps that isn't the best idea when there is snow on the ground...

I'm also scared about not having Tommy around as much to lean on with Wes. Wesley is overall a good baby - he's doing great with the napping. He sleeps through the night. He eats well. However, I'm a natural worrier and easily over whelmed. It's easy to get through the day alone when you know you're husband is a 15 minute walk away, a 4 minute drive, or will be gone for a maximum of 3-4 hours before he's home for lunch/the day.

Anyway - enough of that. Enough of the negativity.

We took Wesley to the Dr. again yesterday. We were noticing he was getting worse with his congestion, rather than better - and finally he stopped sleeping through the night, and was unable to nap because whenever he lay on his back, he had trouble breathing. It left Tommy and I both exhausted, because it meant we were not only getting less sleep, but had to hold Wes upright to help his air ways. (Though we did cheat a few times by putting him down in the bouncer - we all needed a break!)
They gave us some pedialite to help with the dehydration caused by the extra spitting up, due to the "drainage" down into his tummy. Poor little mite is swallowing all that muck and it's upsetting his tummy! And then some more tylenol, to try and make him more comfortable. It's hard to see him so sick, yet not being able to do much about it, because he is so little :o(

We invested in a vaporizer - and it helps! Last night he slept through the night last night - 11 hours. Not quite the 12-13 he was doing before he got sick, but who is complaining? I am just hoping the long sleep is healing his body. Plus he's been napping now for 2 and a half hours. I am sure when he wakes up, he'll feel much better! I know I already feel better, as I snuck a nap in too :o)

I've ordered our Christmas cards - they should arrive in a week, and I'll mail them out as soon as I can. If you have recently changed addresses (*ahem* Vicki, Lan, etc...) please email me your new one at so I can get one to you :o)

And lastly - some good news! At 1pm tomorrow, Tommy will be reenlisting for 5 years in the US Navy :o) The paperwork which had some hiccups, went through. It came down to the wire - we only just found out for sure today - but this is a great thing. Tommy is very excited and I'll post photos as soon as I get home tomorrow. (Wesley allowing, of course!)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Sneak Peek!

Here is a sneak peeks at the Christmas Photos Monte took for us!
Beware, they are AWESOME!

We love the proofs and can't wait to get the final shots in our hot little hands.

Thanks so much, Monte.
(Check out his photography blog at

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Festive Season

We're nearly finished all our Christmas shopping for those that have to have their gifts mailed. It feels good to be nearly done!

Tommy and I plan on doing our shopping for each other, Wesley etc once we get to Florida, so we don't have to lug it in our suitcases. Plus we are both looking forward to shopping in a mall, again. Being able to browse more than the same ole' same ole' that the PX has!

Today we're having our Christmas photos taken for our Christmas cards. Monte is taking them for us again, which I'm so happy about. Monte takes great photos and he is a good friend so it's always fun.

I'll post the link up once they're ready and you can order any you like directly from the website. It's so handy, and the website does ship internationally for those of you in Australia :o)

That's it for today - I'll leave you with some new photos!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Short but Sweet

So we're all still sick.
It's no fun, at all - but we're doing everything we can to try and kick this.

Wes went to the Dr. yesterday because he was quite sniffly - and he screamed at her the whole time. Poor guy just wasn't feeling well and didn't want to be poked or prodded! He's on Tylenol for the aches and low fevers, and saline drops in his nose to help with the congestion. Which, for the record, he takes MUCH better than we ever expected. Go, Wesley!

This illness has taken a toll though - it's seriously depleted my milk supply. Luckily, I called the clinic and my Dr. put in a prescription for Reglan over the phone for me. I've taken Reglan before and it helps very, very quickly. So, that's put my mind at ease, some. (Of course, I won't relax entirely until my milk is back to where it was before!)

There have been some bumps in the road to Tommy's reenlistment, of course. There always is when paperwork and the surname Turtle is involved! The ceremony is still scheduled for the 20th - but, should the bumps not smooth out, it'll be pushed back to the 24th. It's a waiting game right now!

I know I had a lot more to talk about - but I'm suffering a bit of writer's block! So I guess I'll leave you with this.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Photographic Evidence

This blog will mostly be photos! I do have a few things to say - but they can wait for another day :o) Photos are much more fun - especially when you manage to capture a "first" !!

I hope you all enjoy these!

I have to take photos of him smiling on the sly like this because he is so fascinated by the camera, if I don't I end up with photos like this:

I haven't decided if Tommy is a bad or good influence when it comes to Wesley and the xBox :oP

He is doing SO well with his tummy time.

He got a new toy to help with tummy time! He is obsessed with mirrors!

Hmmm, what IS that?

Let me just... WOO! I got it!

This is the FIRST time Wesley has reached for something - AND he got it too, on his first try! I'm so proud!! :o)

Monday, November 10, 2008


Today is the last day of Tommy's four day weekend. It has been a quiet four days, with all of us being sick at one point or another.

I woke up with this morning, eyes and nose streaming and sinus pain. Ugh, just awesome. Wesley woke up with the sneezes and and a "Just Cuddle Me" attitude. Tommy appears to be getting better with only a cough remaining. He has an amazing immune system, so let's hope he passed that on to Wesley and the whole lot of us get better soon!

Wesley seems to have the morning nap down - the rain these pass few days has really helped. No matter what time he woke up, by 10am, he is begging for a nap. I'm so happy, I hope it lasts! Yesterday and today he seems to be taking uber long naps (We're talking 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 hours!) at that time though, eliminating the afternoon nap. I'm not sure if this is permanent or not. But, hey - a nap is a nap and I'm not complaining!

Nothing else too much seems to be happening. We're both just ready and waiting for this move. I'm not if there is much else we can do to prepare for it. I desperately want to start packing to feel like I'm doing something - but I can't. Unless the TMO packers pack it, it's not insured! So that's that!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

For Friends With Babies!

Do you love Wesley's little leg warmers? Would you like some of your own? How about 20 pairs? How about 20 pairs - for FREE?

All you have to do is go to Win 20 Pairs of Baby Leg Warmers from babySNAZZ! and enter. It is free to enter, and baby legs are awesome.

In fact, when I buy them, babySNAZZ is where I get them from!

Good luck!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

By the way...

If you don't mind, there is a little comment thing on the bottom of each of our posts. If you read us, could you please leave us a little comment? Even a smiley face would be fine. :D It's always nice to know people take time out to read your stuff. We will more than likely return the favor too. Also, even if you don't have a blogspot you can still leave a comment so everyone can participate! Hurray! Ok...bye bye for now.

Wesley's Day

Hi, it's me, Wesley. I just wanted to write a blog in here, too, seeing as Daddy and Mummy get to all the time. I know mostly Grandma Sherry and Grandma Sylvia read this - so here is a shout out to you. I love you, Grandmas, and I miss you very much. I'm a lucky boy to have such awesome grandmas!

Mummy and Daddy took me out for lunch today. We went to one of their favourite restaurants at the Sea Wall at Sunabe. I was quite a good boy, so they took me to the BX at Kadena, afterward, and I got to see Miss Sara, Mr Pat and my friend Riley. Miss Sara bought along some Link-a-doos that she picked up for Mummy, and I LOVE them.

They are just the right size for my hands, and light enough that I can wave them around in the air. I can also fit them in my mouth - they are great for chewing on. I'm learning how to do that, right now. It's lots of fun, and feels good on my gums, though Mummy and Daddy always seem to be wiping my chin since I starting figuring it out. I'm not sure why.

We came home and Mummy and Daddy made me take a little nap, and then we went out to dinner, as well! I slept through dinner - my nap wasn't long enough this afternoon and I was still sleepy! We went to a garlic house called Arin Krin, and we saw my friend Bradley, and Miss Sophia and Mr Rob.

After dinner we came home, and Daddy dressed me in my pjs. I got to play in my bouncer for a little while, with my new link-a-doos. But Mummy has said it's nearly bed time! Uh-oh! I better say goodnight!

I hope you all liked my blog and here are some photos of me for you to see.

Love, Wesley James.

Friday, November 7, 2008

...I'm sick...

As Erin said, I'm sick. Blah. I can't remember the last time I was sick. Anyways, the weekend has started off on the right foot. Wes is sleeping and Erin and I are just taking it easy til he wakes. New photos of Wes will be in this post.

It ends with you going, "Awwww."

Anywho, things otherwise are going well. Erin and I are both ready to move on. Time to start fresh in Virginia!

Lets see...what else..oh yes! As pointed out before, I voted. I'm 1 for 1 in the voting thing. 1 vote, 1 elected official. I got it right, yeahhhhh!! Can't beat being right 100% on something, eh? I used to talk with someone who believed that Obama was a muslim terrorist and I soooooo badly want to go up to them and let them know that, "Oh by the way, my terrorist is now your president." Grrrr...ignorant's not even's stupidity! I have little patience for those kinds of people.

Umm...I really wanna get an iPod touch. They are soooooo cool!! Erin says I can get one. I showed her the preview clip and half way through it she shut the laptop and said, "Ok, now I want one" lol. Plus I figured that we are going to need something for the long drive down from Va to Fl so why not have music we like instead of chancing the radio?

Anyways, here are the pictures *cough* mom *cough* that you guys are really only reading to see. lol. Adios!

Share It Around

Tommy isn't feeling well. He has what is basically a cold. It's left him feeling achy, tired and just a little bit miserable. And he has, in all fairness, passed this little bug on to me. Luckily I only have a headache and a sore throat - not the cough or stuffiness he is wading through. (Touch wood!)

I'm just hoping that we don't pass this on to Wesley. The last thing he needs on top of his teething (why does this first tooth have to take so long to come through?) and working the nap, is sickness. I am hoping that because we're breast feeding, he'll have some built up tolerance. I guess it's a waiting game.

So our pack out dates are confirmed. Our express shipment will be packed up on Friday, December 5th, and our House Hold Goods (main shipment) will be packed on Monday, December 8th - leaving us in the Westpac Inn for 3 nights. Just what we had hoped for. I am nervous about the pack out process - it feels odd to be leaving in just 5 weeks, but not have a single thing packed. It feels very odd, and just a little bit worrying.

Tommy and I have written complete lists of what is going in what shipment/with us on the plane. That makes me feel somewhat better - we will have to pack our suitcases before the express shipment - and we'll have to make sure all our important *definitely do not pack* documents (like Passports, orders, immigration/green card paperwork, etc) are locked in the car, away from the packers.

Speaking of the car. We have a buyer, and they'll let us drive it right until the 8th of December. And they'll pay our asking price! What more could you ask for? It's our new neighbours - they moved in the week we had Wesley, actually. So, they already have one car and are only looking for a second. They're happy because we've just done a butt tonne of work on it, so they know they're getting a good car that shouldn't need anything done while they own it. (We just did a two year JCI (it's a car safety inspection required by the Japanese Govt. However, when the inspection is done, they usually do quite a few repairs and maintenance on it) as well as brand new brakes, a new battery and 5 new tires!)

Today is Saturday - the first day of this four day weekend! I'm excited about it - I love having Tommy around, and it'll be good for him to get some rest - try and kick this sickness in the butt. We think we're going to head up to Kadena (the Air Base, here on Okinawa) today, once Wes is awake. (He slept from 8pm - 7am, ate and went back to sleep. He's still asleep now, at 8am!)
So I'll sign off. Tommy is preparing to post some more photos of Wesley for you all :o)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Thanks Tuesday

After the phone woke Wes on Tuesday, only 30 minutes into his nap - his napping that I had been working so hard on - seems to be back at square one.

It took me an hour to get him to sleep today - an hour! That hour involved tears on both parts.

And when he finally WENT to sleep, he slept for only 30 minutes.

I just don't know what to do anymore. He is exhausted. He cries, rubs his eyes, and dozes off when cuddling with us, or laying in his bouncer - he is obviously tired - but he won't take proper naps.


Luckily Tommy has a 4 day weekend coming up - he can share some of the heart ache, and help me out with this napping torture.

Anyway - apparently it wasn't just a fluke that Wes got his head up yesterday - here is some photographic evidence from today's tummy time!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Head Held High

Well, Tommy's vote counted! Barack Obama is American's 44th President! Hooray!

But moving along from my joy that we finally have change we can believe in - Wesley hit a milestone today.

He held his head up, during tummy time! I had been worrying that perhaps Tommy and I were a little too 'lax with it, and he would be behind developmentally because of it! I have friends who have babies born around the same time as Wesley, and their babies were champions with popping their heads up, but now, Wes is too.

He's never had a problem with neck strength. He sits happily on my hip, holding his head up straight and strong - but lay him on his tummy and he just licks the mat, LOL!

But, here, for your viewing pleasure - Wesley's milestone!

Everything Went Well.

My procedure was today. It went well - it ended up being more painful, but shorter than I expected. I was at the hospital only an hour. I'll have more information in a week or two.

However, today as a whole, was a wash. *sighs heavily* Wesley woke up at 7:30, as usual, and was yawning and rubbing his eyes by 9am - again, normal. I put him down by 9:15, and he was asleep. I celebrated, as I do every time he goes down without a fuss in his crib. For some reason, though, I didn't shut his bedroom door. And, I've been kicking myself for it all day. Normally I close his bedroom door and do all my housework - I am not quiet for him, because I feel like he needs to be able to sleep through noise. Normally, everything goes great, and lately he's been napping for between 1 hour and 15 minutes to 2 hours!

But today, the phone rang, 30 minutes later... And he mustn't have been in a deep sleep, because sure enough, he woke up. And he refused to go back to sleep afterward. Or, take a good, solid nap for the rest of the day, despite my repeated efforts!

He wasn't too fussy, which was a relief, but I was very nervous to leave him with Sara with no sleep. I attempted to put him down before I left and Sara said he stayed asleep for about 30 minutes, and refused to go back to sleep once he woke up, this time, too... but he was very tired, and just wanted to snuggle with her.

He's also been throwing up a lot more than normal today, and was running a little fever when we put him down tonight. So we gave him some tylenol and are hoping a good night's sleep will wash away the ickiness of today and tomorrow is a new day! Here's to hoping. My darling boy, I hope you are feeling better tomorrow!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


So it's been a good weekend so far. Nothing too busy. We just got back from brunch a little while ago. Very yummy. It's been a couple Sundays since the last time we went so it was nice to have it again.

Wes is asleep after 5 attempts to get him there. He's been asleep for almost an hour now. Hurray!

I've been looking for way to hook up my mac to the TV. Only problem is they don't have a cable that connects directly from the mini-display port (MDP) to HDMI (which our TV has.) The way to get around this is to get a MDP to DVI cable and then a DVI to HDMI cable. I think both of the cables together should run just under $50 and we can run the audio straight to the surround sound from the headphone jack. I've done that for iTunes and the music comes out sounding great. Of course sound output has everything to do with the quality of the audio all things go.

Well, just a little up date to keep this thing going and to keep my 2 cents into. Sorry ladies, I'm boring with the tech talk. Maybe your husbands/boyfriends/brothers/friends will like it. lol. Adios!