Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Everything Went Well.

My procedure was today. It went well - it ended up being more painful, but shorter than I expected. I was at the hospital only an hour. I'll have more information in a week or two.

However, today as a whole, was a wash. *sighs heavily* Wesley woke up at 7:30, as usual, and was yawning and rubbing his eyes by 9am - again, normal. I put him down by 9:15, and he was asleep. I celebrated, as I do every time he goes down without a fuss in his crib. For some reason, though, I didn't shut his bedroom door. And, I've been kicking myself for it all day. Normally I close his bedroom door and do all my housework - I am not quiet for him, because I feel like he needs to be able to sleep through noise. Normally, everything goes great, and lately he's been napping for between 1 hour and 15 minutes to 2 hours!

But today, the phone rang, 30 minutes later... And he mustn't have been in a deep sleep, because sure enough, he woke up. And he refused to go back to sleep afterward. Or, take a good, solid nap for the rest of the day, despite my repeated efforts!

He wasn't too fussy, which was a relief, but I was very nervous to leave him with Sara with no sleep. I attempted to put him down before I left and Sara said he stayed asleep for about 30 minutes, and refused to go back to sleep once he woke up, this time, too... but he was very tired, and just wanted to snuggle with her.

He's also been throwing up a lot more than normal today, and was running a little fever when we put him down tonight. So we gave him some tylenol and are hoping a good night's sleep will wash away the ickiness of today and tomorrow is a new day! Here's to hoping. My darling boy, I hope you are feeling better tomorrow!