Thursday, November 13, 2008

Short but Sweet

So we're all still sick.
It's no fun, at all - but we're doing everything we can to try and kick this.

Wes went to the Dr. yesterday because he was quite sniffly - and he screamed at her the whole time. Poor guy just wasn't feeling well and didn't want to be poked or prodded! He's on Tylenol for the aches and low fevers, and saline drops in his nose to help with the congestion. Which, for the record, he takes MUCH better than we ever expected. Go, Wesley!

This illness has taken a toll though - it's seriously depleted my milk supply. Luckily, I called the clinic and my Dr. put in a prescription for Reglan over the phone for me. I've taken Reglan before and it helps very, very quickly. So, that's put my mind at ease, some. (Of course, I won't relax entirely until my milk is back to where it was before!)

There have been some bumps in the road to Tommy's reenlistment, of course. There always is when paperwork and the surname Turtle is involved! The ceremony is still scheduled for the 20th - but, should the bumps not smooth out, it'll be pushed back to the 24th. It's a waiting game right now!

I know I had a lot more to talk about - but I'm suffering a bit of writer's block! So I guess I'll leave you with this.