Friday, November 7, 2008

Share It Around

Tommy isn't feeling well. He has what is basically a cold. It's left him feeling achy, tired and just a little bit miserable. And he has, in all fairness, passed this little bug on to me. Luckily I only have a headache and a sore throat - not the cough or stuffiness he is wading through. (Touch wood!)

I'm just hoping that we don't pass this on to Wesley. The last thing he needs on top of his teething (why does this first tooth have to take so long to come through?) and working the nap, is sickness. I am hoping that because we're breast feeding, he'll have some built up tolerance. I guess it's a waiting game.

So our pack out dates are confirmed. Our express shipment will be packed up on Friday, December 5th, and our House Hold Goods (main shipment) will be packed on Monday, December 8th - leaving us in the Westpac Inn for 3 nights. Just what we had hoped for. I am nervous about the pack out process - it feels odd to be leaving in just 5 weeks, but not have a single thing packed. It feels very odd, and just a little bit worrying.

Tommy and I have written complete lists of what is going in what shipment/with us on the plane. That makes me feel somewhat better - we will have to pack our suitcases before the express shipment - and we'll have to make sure all our important *definitely do not pack* documents (like Passports, orders, immigration/green card paperwork, etc) are locked in the car, away from the packers.

Speaking of the car. We have a buyer, and they'll let us drive it right until the 8th of December. And they'll pay our asking price! What more could you ask for? It's our new neighbours - they moved in the week we had Wesley, actually. So, they already have one car and are only looking for a second. They're happy because we've just done a butt tonne of work on it, so they know they're getting a good car that shouldn't need anything done while they own it. (We just did a two year JCI (it's a car safety inspection required by the Japanese Govt. However, when the inspection is done, they usually do quite a few repairs and maintenance on it) as well as brand new brakes, a new battery and 5 new tires!)

Today is Saturday - the first day of this four day weekend! I'm excited about it - I love having Tommy around, and it'll be good for him to get some rest - try and kick this sickness in the butt. We think we're going to head up to Kadena (the Air Base, here on Okinawa) today, once Wes is awake. (He slept from 8pm - 7am, ate and went back to sleep. He's still asleep now, at 8am!)
So I'll sign off. Tommy is preparing to post some more photos of Wesley for you all :o)