Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Blessed Nap and Election Day

I guess I'll start a little differently today.
A little about me. I'm realising with motherhood, you change a lot. Your views on life, as well as your personality.
This is all about the "new and improved" Erin.


* Coca-cola.
* Shopping online.
* Coupons, Sales and FREE things
* Scrapbooking
* Walking (Uh, Erin Who?)
* Eating out
* Sending and receiving packages in the mail
* Unscented deodorant
* Slobbery baby kisses
* Clean sheets
* Laptops
* Writing budgets and balancing bank books. (Huh?)
* Three quarter sleeved shirts, preferably with a collar
* Television series on DVD
* Spinach and artichoke dip
* Empty clothes hamper and dishwasher


* Full clothes hamper and dishwasher
* Piles of papers/magazines/crap on the dining room table
* Piles of papers/magazines/crap anywhere
* Okay fine, CLUTTER.
* Gossiping Military Wives. The other kind are fine.
* Okinawan Tap Water - it taste funky.
* Having to buy bottled water.
* Shower curtains
* Fly away, frizzy hair
* Paying full price or for shipping when shopping online.
* Having no emails
* Blurry photos
* Biting own finger nails...... but can't help it.
* Jalapenos
* When mail doesn't arrive when it is suppose to
* Racists

That said and done, allow me to talk about something else.
I'm not doing so well at this "Making Wesley nap in his crib, during the day" thing.
I am trying - but am not succeeding.

Yesterday I put him down, and he fell asleep at about 11:15am. I was so excited and so proud. 10 minutes later, my building Fire Alarm goes off - there is a Fire Drill. Needless to say, poor Wesley freaks out, and then is wide awake after that because he thinks "I've been asleep. I feel refreshed. Time to play!"
I finally got him down in his crib again at 2pm. 30 minutes later, the Fire Alarm goes off a second time... But ONLY on the 9th floor. Where we live. I am less than impressed that two naps got disturbed, and that I've had to traipse down nine flights of stairs twice in one day. I put Wes in the sling for the second trip down, and he fell asleep. I left him there, and he ended up sleeping for about two hours until Tommy got home!

Today - I put him down and he slept for only 15 minutes. I am not sure why - but he was unhappy when he woke up, and refused to be soothed back to sleep. And not long after that, it was time for our daily walk anyway, so I changed him, fed him, and bundled him into the pram (stroller) and off we went. He slept the entire time! (Of course he was tired, he only napped for 15 minutes!)

He then decided to whine at me for a little while, once I got to Tommy's work (I always walk for a while, and end up at his work so we can eat lunch together) and then he screamed about being put in car seat (which he can scream all he likes about, he's going in it, as long as the car is in motion!) so I put him in the sling to eat lunch. It calms him down a lot, and it leaves me (or Tommy - whoever is wearing him) both hands free. Well, he fell asleep. And as my Mum says, "Never wake a sleeping baby." That was 2 1/2 hours ago.

November 4th is creeping up on us, Election Day! And, as a family, we've made no secret of the fact that we support and that Tommy voted for and Barrack Obama. We both feel (though, only Tommy can vote, obviously!) that he is the change that America (and the world!) needs, very much. He represents our beliefs and is refreshing in terms of politics. We understand that a lot of people will not and do not agree with us. That's okay - but hopefully Obama gets elected, anyway, LOL! Tommy was very eager to get his absentee ballot, and vote for the first time. (He had never really taken an interest in politics before and spent a lot of time researching both candidates and what he really believed when it came to the issues.)

Speaking on November 4th, I am scheduled for a minor surgical procedure that day. Nothing too major - in fact, I'm more nervous about leaving Wesley with a baby sitter for the first time, than I am about the procedure! I trust the friend he is staying with. But still, its hard to even imagine just dropping him off and leaving him for x amount of hours. Oh well, gotta "cut the cord" someday, right?...Right?

So that's it for today, anyway. I'm going to go and relax while this babe of mine continues to nap on me!