Monday, October 27, 2008

What To Bring and Winter Woolies

We're slowly getting ready for the big move. It's nerve-wracking for me, and I'm trying to be uber-organised, so it is less daunting.
We've been doing lots and lots of paperwork to make sure that the military pays us every allowance that we are entitled to. (If you don't claim it, you don't get it! And moving is expensive, as we all know!) We've been writing lists about what to send in our household shipment, what to send in our express shipment and what to take in our 6 (yes, SIX!) 70 pound (31kg) bags we're allowed to take on the plane with us.
We're not exactly sure as to what we can live without for about 3-4 weeks with Wesley. Obviously, we've never traveled with him, and we use EVERYTHING we have. How do we go bare-minimum? No idea. We can't see ourselves being able to survive without the bouncer, but how do you fit that in a suitcase? And how many nappies (diapers) should we pack? How quickly will we be able to get to a store to replenish? Yes, these are the new challenges we face!

We are also thinking hard about how we're going to "baby proof" the house. We've been asking all our friends with mobile kids, and we plan on doing it from the get-go, because from what everyone has said, it's easier that way, rather than converting a lived in house.

We've been cleaning out cupboards, throwing away stuff we don't want, don't use and haven't used in the time we've been here (stuff that has been in our storage closet!) It's amazing all the stuff we "can't live without" but haven't used in two and a half years. Ridiculous, really!

I am sad about leaving Japan. About leaving this house. It's our first home together, and Japan is utterly beautiful. There is always some adventure to be had, something to see, and new things to try. The food is delicious - though, the upside I suppose, is that once we get to the States, we won't be so enticed to eat out as much. One can always hope...

Tommy is starting to get excited about moving, too. Every day he there is something else he "can't wait" for. From a new position, work-wise, to International House of Pancakes, to seeing his brother Jonathan (who is living only about 2 hours away from Virginia Beach.) I'm happy to see him excited about life. It is very infectious!

Speaking of Tommy - he is getting incredibly excited to take Wesley home to Florida for Christmas. He cannot wait to show off his son to his family. He talks about it a lot. He is such a proud Papa! And I know that Sherry is probably counting the minutes until we pull up in her driveway and she can meet her grandson for the first time. (Secretly I think that Kris might push her out of the way, because he is a big softie and is equally as excited! (Just Kidding!))

I admit, I'm very nervous about the snow aspect of Virginia. Part of me wishes we were going a bit sooner, before it gets REALLY cold - there will definitely be snow on the ground when we land (they've already had light sprinklings, according to weather reports!) I have no idea how to dress myself, or Wesley for snow! Not to live in, anyway! I've bought Wes a bunch of warm clothes online and had them shipped here, including a snow suit, so he'll be okay for a little while once we get there. (He's a spitter-upper-er, so we need quite a few changes of clothes!) I have a few warm-ish coats - but my concern is they are warm for Okinawa and Brisbane winters. Not 3ft deep snow. I guess we'll see, won't we?

I guess that's about it for this update. I'm sure as the week goes by, I'll think of more things to jot down! I decided to jot a few sentances down whenever I can in a word document so I don't forget all the things I have to tell everyone when I get a chance to sit down and actually blog!

I'll leave you with a bunch of photos of the little guy - the guy I know you all really come to see and read about *pokes tongue out*


Victoria said...

Hey Madame Schildkrote, add me to your blog links! :)

Kimberly said...

I've never lived in VA, but I went home to NC earlier this year(feb-march) and I thought I was going to die from the cold weather. I am usually use to the weather in NC, but I was not use to it after being in Okinawa for over a year(at the time). Honestly, I would say get a BIG coat for you and Wesley and turtlenecks and sweaters. Also, shoes that cover your foot and heel lol. O and snow shoes(otherwise you will fall and it hurts so bad). I have a North Face fleece coat, before coming to Oki it would work just fine. After being here and going back nooo way, I had on a turtleneck a huge coat and snow shoes on when I went home this last time!! You will eventually get use to it but at first(since you are use to the Oki HOTT,muggggy weather)it's really really really cold!! Hope this helps!!