Sunday, March 1, 2009

Land Down Under

We're booked. Duffle bags have been dug out and are lying around. Lists are being written. Plans are made. It's official... Wesley and I are going home to Australia.

We leave Norfolk International Airport on Wednesday, March 11th and arrive (thanks to the time zone changes!) on Friday, March 13th. But are actually only traveling for about 24 hours, and flying for a few hours less than that.

24 hours. I can do it, right? 24 hours on a plane, in an airport, with Wesley, by myself. I can do it. Sounds exhausting just saying it aloud, but I know myself. I am feeling more confident as a mother. I know my son. Together, we're a team and we can do this with no fuss or hassle. That's right, Erin. Talk it up.

Tommy is sad to see us go without him, but the Navy comes first, so stay in Virginia Beach, he must. BUT, we will be in Australia for Christmas, so for those of you who are sad to miss him this trip, never fear. Only 9 more months until the Golden Boy returns, LOL!

Wes is doing amazingly. He amazes me every day. I know I'm a late bloomer, with this emotion-y stuff, but wow. I tear up some days when I see him playing on the floor, learning something new, then smiling up at me when he knows he has it figured out. I am so proud, and so in love. What an amazing thing this is! Being a mother, that is.

He is THISCLOSE to crawling. I think that if he isn't crawling before we leave for Australia, he'll start while we're there. He scoots all over the floor, rolling, and pushing. But not quite crawling. God help us when he does. I think I'll leave Tommy the task of making sure as he can that we're "baby proof" while we're away!

He is also back to babbling. He started a few weeks ago, but then just stopped. Like he thought "Okay, I know how to do it. No need to do it anymore. Achievement reached." But now he is all "Ba-blah-bwra-da-da-na-uh" It's lovely. We're working with him on "Mum-mum-mum-mum." One day, soon, maybe?

I should go. The pile of clean laundry won't fold itself... will it? Or can you arrange for that to happen for me? :oP