Thursday, March 5, 2009


Now, I am fully aware my husband was a self-sufficient human being before he married me. Of course he was.

However, I am always aware that my husband has become a little used to being taken care of. He has come used to the bathroom being cleaned, sheets being washed and changed, laundry being washed, food being cooked, dishes being cleaned...

Therefore, I fear that this level of "comfort" may have caused any self-sufficient-ness (Okay, I totally made that word up!) to disappear, or at least shrink!

So, yesterday, when I went to the store for just a FEW groceries - I managed to come back with an entire trolley full that cost $130. Oops! I guess I just wanted to make sure he at least had food in the cupboard, fridge and freezer! I fear that he may otherwise not eat, or live off fast food the entire time I am away in Australia.

I'm currently awaiting the UPS man, today. After leaving our umbrella stroller (so carefully chosen, and so much effort went into to purchasing it, and getting it to Okinawa!) in Florida, I (with Tommy's agreeance) decided it would be best to go ahead and buy another for my trip to Australia.

So, commence shopping around online. (,,, etc...) I found one that I really liked. It had all the features I wanted (reclining seat, canopy, basket, blah, blah, blah!) and I loved the way it looked, too! (Bonus!)

However, I couldn't find it at my two local Target stores and Target didn't anticipate it arriving if I ordered it online until about the 13th, which would obviously be too late. So I hunted at Walmart, back at my local Targets and Babies R Us, to see if I could find another stroller I liked. Nothing :o(

So, eventually I decided to see what I could find online that would ship sooner.

SUCCESSO! I found the stroller I fell in love with on a website called! AND they offered FREE PREMIUM SHIPPING! Oh. My. Goodness. How great!

I would've had it the NEXT DAY if I had ordered it before 6pm, but seeing as I didn't (This was on Tuesday night) I will get it today! (Thursday!) Can't ask for better than that. Plus, I didn't have to pay tax, which was great! I love saving money and finding a great deal :o)


Victoria, Dan & Evan said...

Tommy should be well-stocked for your journey :)