Tuesday, February 3, 2009

February is here!

Can anyone believe it's February? I know I can't. Time is really going by SO quickly. Quicker every day!

Everything is going along nicely. We're still looking at houses. We're broadened our search from just Virginia Beach to Norfolk as well. We can get more house for our money in Norfolk, which is certainly enticing! We live very close to NAS Oceana, now - but the traffic lights and what-not make the commute about 15 minutes in the afternoon, and as much as 30 minutes in the morning. (And about 7 minutes at any other time!) However, should we move to Norfolk, which in terms of distance, is longer - but Tommy will just jump on the expressway, and by doing that will only take MAYBE five minutes longer to get to work. Maybe even the same amount of time in the mornings.

Wesley is doing great. He has almost weaned himself from nursing, despite my desire to keep nursing for longer. He is only nursing in the morning and evening before bed. In fact, he has very little desire for milk at all (formula or breast) He prefers real food, but obviously we still push the milk, as he needs it!

He is drinking so well from a sippy cup, working really well on feeding himself, talking up a storm (ba-ba-ba, wa-wa-wa, da-da-da) smiling and laughing. He is just such a happy baby. Of course, he definitely likes to have days where he tests me, but I know that's normal, and it's teaching me patience, which can only be a good thing! And those days are few and far between if I work to keep him in his routine. (Breaks in routine usually result in a cranky day the next day!)

Well, that's about it for now. Hope everyone is keeping well, we miss you all so much! xxx


Victoria, Dan & Evan said...

Evan went through a stage around that same age where he wasn't interested in nursing except in the morning or just before bed. He picked back up again after a week or so.
Good luck finding a house!