Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Thursday, Friday, I'm in love...

An update for those of you who are curious as to what is happening in the world of Turtle-san.


He is growing like a WEED. We don't know how much he weighs, or how tall he is, as he hasn't been near a scale since we've been here. Just know, he is a BIG boy!
He is SO active, too. Put him on his tummy and he scoots about, in circles, reaching for his toys and other things that he wants. He is also rolling over, pushing his legs down when he is sitting up, to stand, he reaches for things, drinks from a sippy cup, and as of today is making "words" (He said "Dada" which is VERY exciting, and scary at the same time!) he is smiling, laughing, blowing raspberries and still working on those three teeth (which are JUST under the gum. We can see them, feel them, but they just haven't popped through!)
He has dropped from three naps a day to two. He now sleeps 11 hours at night, and has two 2 hour naps a day, which is nice for us both!
He is a VERY happy boy, who is smart and a joy to be around.


Tommy is working hard. His hours at the clinic are 6:30am - 3:00/3:30pm which is actually a lot nicer than it sounds. Wes is up early anyway, so it is nice to have him home early in the afternoon, so we get lots of family time.
He is working in Operation Medical, who do the Overseas screenings for deployments, and moving to overseas duty stations. He is enrolling into college for the next term, in a few weeks, because he needs to have 30 credit hours to qualify for the Officer Program with the Navy. He is doing lots of volunteer roles within the clinic (Exceptional Family Member Program Co-odinator, for example) to make sure he is seen as a great candidate.


Erin has her Green Card, finally. And she is starting to apply for some part time work, just for a little extra adult inaction. Plus after 3+ years of not working, she is ready to go back to work, at least very-part-time.

As A Whole.

We're are hunting to purchase our first home. We have lots of look at and are in no rush. We have a 14 month leave on the townhouse where we are now, so if we find something tomorrow, great. But if it takes us a year, not a problem either.

Our furniture and other household goods arrive tomorrow (Thursday) which is exciting. We are ready to have couches again, if nothing else. (Our airbed has proven to be glorious to sleep on! We are both sleeping SO well on it!) We are going to attempt to keep as much of it packed as possible so that when the time comes to move again, we don't have to re-pack. We'll see how that goes!

That's about it for us, right now, but stayed tuned. We might have house news here soon!