Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Interesting development.

Yesterday I was talking to Mum on Skype, and Wes was melting down. He was screaming, so I gave him some tylenol for those teeth that weren't through, yet. But he was still quite upset and easily irritated.

When Tommy came home I told him that Wes was especially cranky and especially short tempered. I told him that I thought his teeth were bothering him, so he put his finger in, and pulled it back saying "Ouch! There is something sharp in there!"

So Tommy held Wesley and I looked in, and sure enough - his middle left tooth on the bottom is through.

He was VERY upset after dinner, so we gave him some more tylenol, and some night time bonjella (oragel) and he fell asleep easily.

He did, however, wake up, SCREAMING, at 12:30 (exactly 6 hours after he went to sleep) so we gave him some more tylenol and bonjella and he was back asleep after just 15-20 minutes.

Poor guy. He's growing up and it's hurting us, both, apparently.