Sunday, December 7, 2008

Movers Tomorrow.

I'm sitting here at 9:38 at night, chaos surrounding me, listening to the washing machine and counting the minutes until tomorrow is over.

The movers are coming tomorrow for the rest of our house. It's daunting and over whelming. I feel like there is a lot missing from our 5 suitcases but I have "packers block" (Like writer's block, but for packing.)

I had an "Oh, stuff it" moment where I announced that if I forget it now, I'll just re-buy it in the States. I'm tired of stressing. It's exhausting and is doing nothing for me. All that is really left is sorting the washing that is washing right now, packing Wesley's white noise machine and the wireless router. Oh and our toiletries.

We have no idea what time the packers will arrive - we are hoping about 9-10am and hopefully they'll be finished by 1-2pm. It's a guessing game, though. We've seen trucks pull up at 3pm and still be packing people's houses up as night falls. (I am desperately hoping that is not the case for us!)

*sigh* I thought that writing everything down would take the weight off my shoulders but it doesn't seem to be. It seems to be getting worse... Making me think about everything that is about to happen in the next 24 hours and the thought of coping with it all!

Oh well, I guess I'll write tomorrow after it's all over and let you all know how it went! I'm going to finish everything up as soon as humanly possible and enjoy my last night in my bed for a long time. It's an air mattress for the next 3 nights, a bed at the lodge for a week in Virginia, and then a futon at Sherry's house for 3 weeks, then back to the air mattress for the month after that. *groans* I hate TMO...