Monday, December 8, 2008

Been and Gone

Well, it's night time now after a looooong day.
The movers arrived at about 12:30, checked what we wanted packed (Uh, everything?) then left fr half an hour to have their lunch break. From 1:15-5:10 they were here packing, taping, wrapping, boxing everything. And now my house is virtually empty. There are FEW pieces of Government borrowed furniture, there is Wesley's pack'n'play, two fold up chairs and a borrowed air mattress. It echoes in here, now!

I survived. I ended the day with a MASSIVE headache. Aye! Stress, noise, lack of food... it all compounded. Wesley also had a rough trot with it. Because they were here for 4 hours, he missed a nap. He also got VERY over stimulated and cried. I felt so bad for the poor little guy - we ended up going for a walk, but it didn't help a lot!

Tomorrow we have to turn everything off (mobiles, phones, internet, cable, etc) and clean the house for our final inspection. No rest for the wicked!