Sunday, December 21, 2008

In Florida

So here we are. Back in Pace, Florida.
It's Sunday evening - we arrived on Friday night. It took us a full 24 hours to get here - a little longer than we anticipated, but we took plenty of breaks for Wesley.

Everything here is going well - trying to do our Christmas shopping for each other, and all the family that we'll be seeing. I had forgotten what Christmas crowds are like - it's been quite a few years since I had left it to the week before Chrsitmas to do my shopping! Egads!

We don't have much internet access, still. I don't think we'll be back online until we get back to Virgina (Sometime around the 11th, though we don't have a date set in stone.) I am trying to check my emails and Facebook when I can, though I rarely have time to write back to everyone individually (Thank goodness for the blog, now you can all know I am thinking of each and every one of you!)

Every one here is well, and doting on Wesley. He is a very much loved little boy (Was there any doubt?) However, unsurprisingly, due to all the changes, he is no longer sleeping through the night and is getting cranky in the evenings because his nap routine is off with all the people to see and what not. We'll tackle the night sleeping once we get back to VA - I don't see any point in challenging him right now, when things are going to change yet again for him in a few weeks!

That's it for now - I'll try and get online in a few days and upload some photos! I know I haven't put any up at all this month, and I'm sorry about that. I hope you guys are being understanding about all the chaos in our lives right now and for the next few weeks!

I love you all and I miss you very much. And another special shout out to Mamma Bear. Christmas isn't Christmas without you and I'm missing you just a little bit more.