Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas and Lately.

Where to start? It's been a while since I've had a good chunk of time online to sit and write a blog and update.

Christmas has been and gone - another year over, a new one about to begin. I'm excited about the new year, and all the changes and adventures that will come with it.

So, recap time. Christmas. We spent Christmas with Sherry and Kris (Tommy's parents) in Florida, as you all should know. The weather in the days leading up to Christmas were bitterly cold, and very un-Florida like. We dropped below freezing a few nights in a row - and then all of a sudden, it got hot. We have been in t-shirts these past couple of days!

Wesley didn't get TOO spoilt - only a little bit :oP Tommy and I also got a little bit spoilt, so I guess there was spoiling all around! Thank you to everyone who got us gifts - it was so generous of you and we're so grateful :o)

One exciting thing DID happen on Christmas Day, though. Wesley rolled from his tummy to his back. *boop* Just like that! I guess with all the travelling, being in the car, stroller, Grandma Sherry's arm (LOL!) he hasn't had much time on the ground playing. Well, on Christmas we popped him down on his tummy on a blanket and two second later he just plopped over like it was nothing! Like he was trying to tell us "Yo! I've been able to do this, you never gave me a chance, though!" We got the second roll over on video, so once I get back to Virginia, where my camera cable is, I'll post it for you all! I'm such a proud Mama!

The Military appears to have stuffed up our pay (surprise, surprise) and it looks like we're going to have to pay our second month's rent out of pocket, too! (We already paid our first, gah!) I am just grateful we have savings, really. Hopefully, Tommy can sort it all out on Monday, though, when he calls the Personal Services Dept.

We are looking at leaving for Virginia at the end of the first week on January, as Tommy has to go back to work no later than the 15th - and we need to get ourselves settled and back into routine (and hopefully have our pay sorted out in time for the pay on the 15th.)

I really can't think of anything else to report. It's been pretty quiet and relaxing, really. Just as a vacation should be :o)