Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dr No-Help

Today I went to the doctor.

I made a specific appointment, telling the tricare appointment line that I wanted a general appointment, where I could ask the Dr a bunch of questions I had, but that there was nothing *specifically* wrong.

I get there to a *excuse my language* clusterfuck of confusion. I get presented with paperwork for a yearly physical, and paperwork for a pap smear. What? No.

Anyway, I get to the see the Dr after straightening everything out and she could NOT be any less helpful.

One particular question her answer was "Anything could cause that." What? No. Stop.

Another was "I'll write you a referral" What? Still not answering my questions.

And lastly, I spoke to her about a VERY sensitive subject, I'm crying, and she makes an incredibly insensitive joke and the obnoxiously laughs, loudly, in my face for a good 20-30 seconds.

I got not one single answer, I got [what I feel like] teased. I am so unimpressed that I called tricare and complained about her.

I am a fan of medicine, and Drs. I understand that Drs are people and they are not perfect, make mistakes and have off-days, like everyone else. But this was... unacceptable, even understanding these things.

I guess I just needed to vent.


Michael Ricketts said...

I am sorry hon, I hate medical for that stuff. I went in the one on Kadena to ask for a skin cancer screening (my family has a history of it) and left feeling dumb for asking. The doc was no help at all and acted as though it was a waste of her time.