Monday, April 20, 2009

UNSAT Uniforms

     Everyone has been all excited about these new working uniforms for the Navy. Well, everyone but me it seems. Maybe it because I've been with green side too long and and hated the blue and gray color scheme. Maybe it's because of the way you have to roll the sleeves. Maybe it's because most Navy personel just look good in them because of their capacious stature. Either way, I just wasn't digging them.

     Not that these uniforms are all bad though. These, like the new service uniforms, cut back from 2 uniforms for the seasons to 1 year round. They are easy to maintain and very derable. One thing that everyone has been complaining about is the button issuse. Buttons fall off like lepers in a mosh pit. I've had 2 come off in just the last 6 hours! I spent half of my lunch sewing them back on. One should not have to carry a needle and thread around them in fear of buttons coming off randomly. I'm very tempted to go home and reenforce all of the buttons just in case.

[/rant] <--html humor :P

-Senor Tortuga