Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tweets About Wesley

I tweet. I'm a twitter-er. Whatever you call it - I like to talk about my like is 140 characters or less. It's quick, it's to the point.

Here are some brilliant tweets about Wesley. (From Feb 23 - Today. I've posted over 6,000 tweets, so it would take me weeks to go through them all!)

  • 2yo just brought up #FruitNinja on the iPad. Declared "I'ma cut some fruits" then played. When the game was over, he applauded & said "Yay!"

  • Just informed my 2yo that I don't negotiate with terrorists

  • My 2yo just took one of our boomerangs off the wall and announced "Look! A brown RAINBOW!" Um... ok?

  • Um... My 2yo just asked for broccoli for breakfast. No, really.

  • I just asked him if he wanted anything with his broccoli and he said chicken. What meal does he think this is?

  • Just watched my 2yo DRINK jelly beans from a measuring cup. Did nothing to stop him. Laughed hysterically.

  • My 2yo son got pink flip flops today. He tried on the blue ones and declared them "Bad" - then told me the pink ones made his feet happy!

  • Dear 2yo, if you don't stop the tantrum and go to sleep, I'll... do nothing, probably. But threatening you on twitter makes me feel better.

  • My 2yo just made himself a walking stick out of duplos.

  • There appears as if there is a traffic jam in my 2yo's bed. Over the monitor, all I can hear is: "Toot toot! Honk honk! Beep beep!"

  • My 2yo gets me to peel his banana's 1/2 down... Then he folds the peel back up and pretends to peel it himself. I love that kid.

  • My 2yo just randomly wandered over to his building table & started singing the clean up song & putting away all his duplo. WHO IS THIS KID?!

  • 2yo current tantrum? His duplo tower fell apart. Oh the woe.

  • Ahhh! Happy Mummy Moment: Went in to 2yo bedroom after work to give him a kiss. Opened eyes and said "Hi Mummy" and fell back asleep ♥

  • My 2yo is poking @DocTurtle with a long row of duplos. I won't deny that I'm rolling about on the floor with laughter.

  • 2yo is quite upset I won't let him put his beanbag in his crib with him. He doesn't care that I am concerned about suffocation & his death.

  • My son just demanded a kiss for his hurt "Ping-guh!"

  • My 2yo newest obsession? Opposites. On and Off. Big and Little. etc.

  • Dear Wailing 2yo, You're so upset about naptime because you're overtired from no nap yesterday. Give in, you'll feel a lot better. Promise.

  • My 2yo son likes to do the hula.

  • My 2yo just dumped a HUGE bucket of cars on the cat. How do I even punish that? In his defense, he WAS trying to share?

  • My 2yo must be laying right on top of his glow seahorse. He's been asleep for 2hrs, but this is the 4th time I've heard it go off.

  • Gold. @DocTurtle taught our 2yo to flex his muscles while screaming "BEEFCAKE!"

  • I love that my 2yo son knows Australian animals. He knows the koala, kangaroo, kookaburra, emu and wombat, so far! #Aussie

  • I just informed my 2yo that this house is a "Mumocracy" He wasn't impressed.

  • Great. My 2yo just stuffed a honey smack up his nose.

  • My 2yo made a hammer out of duplo bricks and is hammering together a building out of wooden blocks. Imagination play FTW!!

  • Told Wesley today he has exactly 6m to potty train&sleep in a bed, cause don't want to take him to Aus in diaper & crib. He said "No."

  • My 2yo is jumping up and down yelling "BOING! BOING! BOING!"